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I'll help you build your professional brand so that you can be SEEN as the expert that you already are.

In my proven step-by-step Brand Build Mastery program, you’ll lose the stress and gain the clarity and confidence you need to expand brand visibility.
Nearly impossible to put yourself out there? Getting tired of all the Reels and TikTok shenanigans and you want to find your way back to your essence? Then, you've come to the right place.

You’ve already worked too hard not to have a strong brand.

Wouldn't you love to have a brand that continually brings in a stream of new paying customers?

Because these days that’s what it’s all about – you are your brand. Creating a trusted brand so people are happy to buy from you. And do you want EVERYONE? No. You just want your people, the ones who get you, and the ones who will buy from you again and again. Brand Build Mastery will show you how to find those people and connect with them.

You’ll tell your story, you’ll be true to yourself, and you’ll connect with clients who share your values, recognise your strengths and treasure your creativity.

We’re not talking here about one of those cross-your-fingers-and-pray 5-minute fixes. Brand Build Mastery is a comprehensive step-by-step process that covers every aspect of systematically and strategically building your brand, your community and your business.

You do the work and you get the results. That’s guaranteed or your money back. No more anxious thinking about whether will it work. Brand Build Mastery works. You and your tribe will love your brand. Guaranteed.

your time is now...

Your reading this because you know it’s time to turn things around.

You know it’s time to take real action. If everything you’ve done before hasn’t got you where you want to be, my Brand Build Mastery program is here to put you on the road to success.

Brand Build Master is a clear, actionable way to dramatically up your game without the anxiety of continually worrying whether you’re doing it right and whether it will work. 

Brand Build Mastery shows you how every step of the way. It’s a success process proven by hundreds of happy customers. They all did it and you can too!

Ready to take action?

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me via hello@brandbuildmastery.com
where do so many people go wrong?

You’re a capable woman, your clients appreciate your work, and you want to grow your business.

Your calendar is full but not with the work you love to do. It’s full of the stuff you need to do for others. Your dream of running a profitable business so often gets a back seat.

You feel that you’re not good at selling and marketing your work. When you hear people say that you need to be more active in social media, show your face, you tell yourself that your work should speak for itself. You are stuck feeling not good enough to become visible. You never feel camera-ready for taking selfies or, God forbid, doing videos online.

You know you could do and be so much more. You want that for yourself and for those you love. And if you continue along this path of feeling stuck, not getting recognised, you’ll miss the opportunity of ever realising your dream and reaching your full potential.

You’ve tried the tips and tricks, the Instagram fix, Facebook advertising is all a muddle, and now they’re telling you that you need a TikTok account. You’ve just spent an hour and you feel like it’s got you nowhere.

Then wow! Someone new liked your post, clicked your link, saw your page. At least it wasn’t all for nothing. Right? Hmmm…

There is a way to turn it all around.

I know. I was there.

Only a few years back, I was in the same situation, feeling intimidated about branding, dragging myself through the social media merry-go-round and hoping for more ‘likes’ from nobodies. I learned that modern marketing and branding are not about selling. Marketing in the 21st century is vastly different from what is being taught at schools. That’s where Brand Build Mastery comes in. I created my Brand Build Mastery program to move you from feeling stuck to enjoying the success of leading a thriving community that gets you, buys from you, and really appreciates what you do.

One Word. Authenticity. Imagine building an irresistible brand...

These days, authenticity tends to be in short supply for our online world. Everyone is busy crafting their perfect lives with carefully curated images while the sharks and their shady tactics circle around and around trying to rip you off. With so many fakes everywhere, we’re all so wary. If it doesn’t smell quite right, we tend to move on. That’s why one of the most important assets in the world today is a truly authentic brand.

A brand that is truly authentic to you attracts your kind of people. Imagine building a true community of people who are all on the same page, who love your work because it speaks to who they are and what they believe. It speaks to their core because it comes from who you really are, your story, true to you – you’ll find it’s a shared story when it truly connects with others who see their values in you, and who recognise something of themselves in your creativity. They are your people. Your tribe. Your customers.

Imagine having a brand that is instantly recognisable as you. A brand voice that truly represents you and connects with your community. Imagine deeply understanding your customers and their fears, hopes, and desires – you’ll know how to thoughtfully craft content for those people because you understand those fears, hope and desires and know what to do about them. Imagine having an audience eager to hear from you, eager to work with you, and happy to buy from you. These are the keys to success.

What our students say...

BBM Students share their experience with the program



Early Childhood Educator (Australia)

Before taking BBM, I thought I had to hire people to build my website and stuff but with Songy’s help I was able to build my own. For me, the Q&A sessions were really helpful. It was like having Songy as a partner in my branding journey.


mbCollective (Australia)
Songy is the guru on personal branding. Her brand-building course has been a game changer for refining the brand of mbcollective totes. The connections I have made through the course and Songy’s wealth of knowledge and experience have allowed me to get on track with my business brand especially our online branding.


Stylist (Switzerland)
Finding Songy’s Brand Build Mastery program was such a blessing. It’s so comprehensive and practical. I followed the program step-by-step, and I was able to put everything I learned to use straight away.Songy has an incredible ability to connect, and she has supported me throughout the process. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow their business.


Classical Musician (Australia)

I never thought that a branding course could be a life-changing experience but doing Songy’s Brand Build Mastery definitely changed how I see myself and my business. It has also given me confidence and empowered me to step up and evolve my business to the next level.


Dr Kate

Award Winning Speaker (Australia)

Even just finishing Module 1 was a huge game-changer for me in sales and getting more work from people with whom I want to work. I’m an introvert so I felt uncomfortable showing up for marketing & branding because it felt inauthentic. The big thing for me, working with Songy, has been the shift to seeing my work as helping my people solve their problems. That really allowed me to show up and I feel great about showing up. I’ve taken programs in the past that haven’t felt right. This course really makes you want to do it. There are just so many levels of benefits!

Ready to take action?

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me via hello@brandbuildmastery.com
Caro's story
After working in recruitment and HR for more than a decade, she felt it was time for her to start her own consulting business. As a start-up, she wanted to do it right.

Thanks to the Brand Build Mastery program, within a few months of launching her business, Caro was seen as the market leader in her field. She's been running a highly profitable business ever since. Caro is based in Australia. (@caromonroyt)
Caro says:
Caro's website and Instagram feed
Victoria's story
As a personal stylist, she felt stuck doing daily outfit posts on Instagram all the time. She wanted to portray more of her personal values and brand ethos, but felt she was on a social media hamster-wheel without any direction.

With Brand Build Mastery, she found her voice and rapidly developed a new brand image and the name to match! Victoria is based in Switzerland.

Victoria’s Instagram feed before Brand Build Mastery. 


Victoria’s new profile with the new name “Styling with Victoria’. She developed a new cohesive and stylish brand image and launched it within 4 weeks!

Mon Panama's story

Here’s what Anne-Claude says...

She owns Mon Pamana, a Panama hats and wicker bag brand based in Thailand
"Before COVID I was running a B2B business, selling to hotels, but with the pandemic I had to switch quickly to sell directly to consumers. That meant I had to learn to brand myself fast. Thanks to Songy, I learned that branding means weaving in my personal stories to show what makes me truly me and, by extension, to show the truly authentic brand that I want to market. It also means being intentional about the message that carries beyond my products."

Ready to take action?

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me via hello@brandbuildmastery.com

If you want to build a brand that not only looks professional but also speaks your truths, BBM is what you needed yesterday...


BBM is the step-by-step system that teaches you how to design and build an irresistible brand for your business and yourself.

Your Brand Building Journey Starts From Here...

The Brand Build Mastery program in action

With Brand Build Mastery, you’ll learn how to build a strong personal brand that is truly authentic to you and your business. You’ll learn how to overcome the negative inner voice that holds you back from establishing a truly successful personal brand. 

Brand Build Mastery shows you how to do it through systematic, step-by-step lessons that teach you how to articulate who you are and what you offer, share a consistent message across all social media platforms, and build a stunning brand online so that you can unleash your authentic self as you build and connect with customers.

When you really connect with your community, you drive engagement, you drive profits, and you drive growth. This is all Brand Build Mastery in action. The program will help identify your own values, strengths, and personal blocks as well as dig deep into the psychology of your customers – you’ll laser focus in on exactly who they are, what they need, and how you can help them. And that’s just the first part. There’s so much more! 

So let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what you’ll get in the Brand Build Mastery program.

Here’s what’s inside Brand Build Mastery...

1. (Re) discover YOU & Your Hero

In your first foundation module, you'll discover Your Brand & Story
  • Your Brand Audit – take a snapshot of where your brand is at right now 
  • Your Personality – you’ll re-discover yourself through personality profiling, character strengths & values 
  • How others see you – take a survey of how others perceive you
  • Your Stories – overcoming potential blocks in your internal narrative and help to re-write your stories
  • Your Heroes – your audience & empathy mapping process, digging deep into the psychology of ourselves and your customers
  • Positioning – advanced techniques on how to stand out from the crowded marketplace

2. Brand Story

In your second foundation module, you'll build your Brand Message
  • Your Brand Building Journey – a big picture view of where you’re heading in your branding journey
  • Your Hero’s Journey Overview – learning the framework of storytelling for building your brand message
  • Your Hero’s Journey in Details – fleshing out your stories to build a compelling brand narrative
  • Your Story in Action – start implementing the brand narrative into your (website) landing page content
  • Web page content template – Your first draft website homepage content template

3. Brand Lab​

In your final foundation module, you'll build your Authentic Brand' Visuals
  • Your Brand Emotion – learn to create an emotional compelling brand
  • Your Personal Colours – learn your colours to look and feel great
  • Your Brand Colours – choosing your colours based on your brand emotion 
  • Your Brand Fonts – how to choose font types aligned with your brand emotion
  • BONUS – turn your ‘signature’ into a logo
  • Your Visual Brand Kit – putting them all together into your own brand kit like a pro!

4. Trust Builder

In module 4, you learn pro secrets for brand photos & videos
  • Your Brand Photos pt1 – brand photography masterclass
  • Tools of the Trade – basic tool kit for fab brand photos
  • Your Brand photos pt2 – edit your photos like a pro
  • Your Brand Videos pt1 – learning to record yourself
  • Your Brand Videos pt2 – edit your video clips and publish them with your brand style
  • Content Strategy for Your Brand – how to never run out of content
  • Positioning Revisited – review your positioning from Module 1

5. Magnetic You

Module 5 is all about audience attraction strategy
  • Your Branded Presence – creating a cohesive brand
  • IG & Your Brand – your Instagram Growth Strategy
  • Lead magnet pt1 – learning all about lead magnets
  • Lead magnet pt2 – creation to delivery, the full process in details 
  • Coming soon! Landing page that converts – winning landing page copy
  • BONUS – beautiful HTML email signature for your brand using free tools

6. Launch Sequence

Module 6 is all about the successful launch of your new brand
  • Website Tech Options – best available tech options walk through to simplify your website launch
  • WordPress in Hour – set up a site like a pro, step-by-step guide
  • WiX in an Hour – set up a site like a pro, step-by-step guide
  • SquareSpace in an Hour – set up a site like a pro, step-by-step guide

Are you ready to level up and

Apply for Brand Build Mastery


You discovered the purple dot (BBM Family) pricing. Enjoy 50% off the regular fee and learn to Brand yourself like a professional.

The Foundation

3 Payments of $79

instead of $158 monthly

Interest-free payments

The Extended

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The Extended

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Hi, Nice to meet you!

I'm Songy and I can't wait to guide you through the process of launching your epic brand with your new or existing business.

You see, I understand how overwhelming it can be when you see the marketplace saturated with people getting in your face and hustling their way to gain audience attention, and you can’t see yourself doing all that. You want yourself and your business to look great, but you’re not even sure how to achieve that without spending a fortune.

That’s why I developed Brand Build Mastery. With nearly two decades of experience in marketing, media, design, web, UX and photography, I bring you the most comprehensive and pedagogically sound online program to help you launch and grow your business with integrity and authenticity. I teach you things that you can’t learn even through an MBA or the most advanced marketing programs.

So I can’t wait to welcome you to the program and take on your journey of discovery, transformation and growth.

I’ll see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. I have answers.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me via hello@brandbuildmastry.com

Yes, more than anything else, BBM is what you need right now! Why? Because you really need to know about yourself and your audience before going off to get a visual identity designed (logo, business card, website etc) or you may ultimately create a brand potentially mismatched with yourself and your audience. I’ve seen that happen so many times. It’s not funny. That’s why so many of my clients came to me precisely for that reason – they were having to re-do because they didn’t take the proper steps to establish their brand in the first place.

BBM is fantastic for startup businesses as it will save you tons of time, money and resources. However, my clients who have gone through the system have mostly been existing business owners. They told me it was the best thing they did for their business, wishing they had learned all they got from BBM when they first started out.

As mentioned, most of my clients who have gone through the program were existing business owners. BBM is great for refining your brand message, audience targeting and redefining your brand image to expand your brand reach and grow your business. Every business goes through a trough. BBM is great for getting out of that so that you can experience exponential growth. One of my clients doubled her audience from 16K to 36K after working with me.

There are 6 modules and each module contains normally 5 lessons. It entirely depends on how much time you can invest. If you’re in the process of launching a new business (with some time available), you’ll be able to finish a module a week. If you’re already running a business, and you’re extremely time-poor, it would take longer. I recommend not rushing through it.

Each lesson has up to a 30-minute long video and accompanying worksheets. This could take up to an hour or so. That means it could take 4 to 5 hours for each module. However, this is entirely up to an individual’s learning pace.
If you do not skip any lessons and implement all the strategies from the program you could expect results within 8 to 12 weeks. Some clients experience super fast results and others take some time to implement all they learn. A bias towards ‘action’ is your friend!
No worries! The program is designed to cater for anyone who can use a computer (isn’t that just about everyone nowadays?). If you have an account with Google it’s helpful, as some of the tools use Google’s free apps. It’s also helpful if you’re using Canva or have used it before.

There is no absolute guarantee in life, is there? This program requires your commitment time, resources, and emotional labour. If you’re committed and do the work you’ll see positive results almost right away in many areas of your life. That I can promise you because I’ve seen that happening with all my clients.

Clients often tell us how ‘intense’ the course material is. Of course, it depends on individuals and how much emotional labour they could put in. Generally though, after that ‘intense’ experience what they typically experience is ‘transformation’.

Does it sound like something you would enjoy? If yes, see you on the other side.

still on the fence?

This program is perfect for you, if...

You’re fed up with your 9-5 job and about to walk away from it OR have done so already – I did exactly that 7 years ago and it took me so long to get my business off the ground because there was no such program as BBM at the time. I’ve made so many mistakes and I can say with confidence that you can skip all the drama! Launch and grow your business like a pro with BBM.

You have a business idea but you’re not sure how to go about launching it – Before committing to any kind of logo design or website development etc, it is an absolute must to go through the BBM process outlined in the program to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your valuable cash before launching your business.

You’re about to launch a new business – That’s awesome. Let’s make sure that your launch is going to be as smooth and successful as possible. We want to tick all the boxes before the launch. We want to avoid tumbleweeds when we launch. We want people to contact you and notice you when you launch. That’s what the program will help you do.

You want to revamp your current brand – Is your brand looking a little old and tired? Or perhaps it’s time for you to pivot because you’re feeling a little stuck. The program will be a perfect catalyst to get you unstuck and help you level up.

You tried the branding thing but it didn’t quite work out – Yes, many entrepreneurs go through DIY and fail to create a cohesive brand. This is where Brand Build Mastery comes in. It will give you the necessary scaffolding to tie it all together so that you can create a solid and compelling brand that looks and feels totally pro.

Your Time is Now...

Are You Ready to Build Your Brand?

If you feel it’s your time to level-up and put yourself and your business on the fast-track to success, Brand Build Mastery is very likely just what you need. If you are ready to start making things happen, sign up for Brand Build Mastery today. This online branding course has all of the step-by-step tips that you need to finally get your brand noticed in a big way.

This is a unique opportunity to realise your full potential. You have more resources within you than you realise. Let Brand Build Mastery introduce you to new concepts and skills that you can develop from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

If you’re still waiting to get your brand off the ground, it’s time to stop waiting and take action.

Ready to take action?

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me via hello@brandbuildmastery.com
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