📸 DIY Professional Headshots

In this in-depth module, I cover the points to remember when you’re getting your profile images with a professional photographer or anyone who can operate your mobile phone. Or if you’re doing it yourself using a tripod with a remote release or an inbuilt timer in your device. Table of Contents Add a header to begin …

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📸 5 Steps to Photogenic

This module is for WOMEN in Business who think: “I’m NOT photogenic”. That line has been uttered to me countless times. My mission is to enable you to take better photos of yourself.  I’ll share my tried and true methods for getting the best photos of my clients (who were just like YOU).  As the title …

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👉🏼 Sneak peek pt 2

Now, let’s have a sneak peek into Brand Build MasteryThe Extended! The Extended Program (Modules 1-6 ) includes the Foundation Program plus an additional three Modules that teach you how to produce your own brand and sales photos and videos, write your own irresistible content for both sales and websites, as well as for social …

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📢 Did you love the course? Tell us!

Did you love this course? What was it like for you taking this course? Did you love and enjoy the learning?What has changed for you since taking this course?What’s different now compared to before? Please tell us by leaving your comment – tab the Post a comment button below.

👉🏼 Sneak peek pt 1

So what’s next? First, let’s have a sneak peek into Brand Build MasteryStarting with The Foundation! You’ve completed The SEEN Framework® mini-course and, like so many other people, I truly hope it has firmly set you on the road to a strong authentic brand that will continue to grow your business and create the successful …

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Introduction & Overview

Welcome! Welcome to my brand building course with The SEEN Framework®. Watch the video in each lesson and work through your worksheet (download button below the video). In this overview lesson, you’ll download the entire worksheets PDF so you don’t have to download individual worksheets in each lesson. As always, if you have any questions …

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S – Self Discovery

Download Step 1 Worksheets In this lesson You’ve gone on a journey of self-discovery by taking a personality test, defining your personal values, finding out how others see you, and deciding on a set of keywords to anchor your brand based on your personality.

E – Embrace Your Audience

Download Step 2 Worksheets In this lesson… You’ve embraced your audience by defining the people you can help, creating a persona map, and choosing a set of keywords for your audience persona so that you really understand exactly who your ideal customer is.  This is not only the key to great sales, it’s the key …

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E – Enhance Your Brand Image

Download Step 3 Worksheets In this lesson… You’ve enhanced your brand image by taking a personal colour quiz, deciding on your brand emotion keywords, and attaching colours to those keywords to create your brand colour palette.  By using your brand emotion keywords and your brand colour palette to produce all of your marketing visuals, you’ll …

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N – New You

Download Step 4 Worksheets In this lesson… In the final section of The SEEN Framework® course, you’ve written a promise to yourself about how you’ll continue to show up based on who you are in your best and most natural state, you’ve written your mission statement for going forward, and you’ve written your all-important brand …

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