DISC Assessment + Debriefing


DSIC Self Assessment is Songy’s favourite personality profiling tool helping her clients to gain clarity. After the assessment, you’ll receive an in-depth 40-page report on yourself. Happy Self-Discovery! -> View DISC Sample Report

Find out more about yourself than ever before with an accredited DISC Consultant. Our consultant will go through your assessment results in great details. You’ll find out exactly what all those detailed charts mean during this one-on-one session.

If you’re serious about succeeding in the game of entrepreneurship you want to get a handle on your personality and how it plays in the overall performance and your relationship with others.

DISC Profile Assessments for Professional Success
This assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioural tendencies and emotions, and explores how these come together in a personal blend of style to create our DISC style:

D – Dominance: Direct and Guarded, Fast-paced and Task-oriented, Focuses on Problems & Challenges, Assertive
I – Influence: Direct and Open, Fast-paced and People-oriented, Focuses on People & Contacts, Persuasive
S – Steadiness: Indirect and Open, Slow-paced and People-oriented, Focuses on Pace & Consistency, Supportive
C- Conscientious: Indirect and Guarded, Slow-paced and Task-oriented, Focuses on Procedures & Constraints, Analytical

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