Introduction – Clay Hebert’s Formula

3 things to remember

  1. It’s about WHO you serve and WHY
  2. It has to be interesting
  3. It doesn’t have to be ‘100%’ correct.

In summary, it is not about you. It doesn’t have to be a perfect 30-second pitch. It is more about engaging the person you’re speaking with.

The rule

  • No industry jargons,
  • shorter the better,
  • It pays to be interesting and engaging,
  • Remember that you’re not giving someone a speech or a lecture.

The base

[I] [since you’re the one introducing yourself]

[help] [or some form of the word “help”]

[who it is you help] [who you serve…your clients or customers]

[achieve a result] [what you help them do, achieve or become]


  • I help people fall in love…with their brains.
  • I help audiences see with words.
  • I help speakers own their physicality.
  • I help people tell their best story.
  • I help authors bring their ideas to the world.
  • I help people improve their health through better sleep.
  • I help entrepreneurs fund their dreams.
  • I help creatives fund their dreams.
  • I help makers fund their dreams.

Change “help” to a different word

  • I connect
  • I teach
  • I decode
  • I build
  • I produce


  • I connect consumer health leaders.
  • I teach people how powerful they can be.
  • I decode personal stories.
  • I decode human stories.
  • I build better brains.
  • I produce events people remember.

A second formula

I’m “X” for “Y”.

If I was working for Aldi (supermarket chain) I could say: “Aldi is like IKEA for your grocery.”

Have fun with it.

  • I help people improve health through better sleep.
  • I put people to sleep.
  • I help people in the bedroom.
  • I help blind people see. 
  • I’m a preacher man.

Why does it work?

  • It’s intriguing (think of it as a headline…)
  • Flexibility and Context (You have many talents. Now you have many intros.)
  • It’s Unexpected + Lets Them Direct The Conversation
  • Clarifies and Strengthens Your Personal Brand (Known as “The ____ Man/Woman.”) [What word to you want to own?]
  • You Become Instantly Referable. (It helps everyone send you business.)
  • Confidence = Credibility (Confidence is as important as the words.)

What someone might say:

  • What do you mean?
  • How do you do that?

Perfect. This is a tremendous opportunity because you can say let me tell you a story…

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