Q&A – 28 July 2022

01:45 – Linkedin Advertising
14:00 – Facebook (Meta Business Suite) saga continues…
20:45 – Why use Fiverr (and why not to use it)
23:50 – Video equipment question (how to find a suitable camera)
27:55 – Meta Creator Studio (personal vs business profiles)
30:13 – How TickTok could be a worthwhile channel for corporate (B2B) space + How the Facebook business page is used now
33:20 – Personal (name) vs business (product) brand – how to handle effectively
36:00 – Songy’s own ‘struggle’ and how she isn’t always right
37:00 – The power of intuition and validation
40:00 – The power of ‘what one little thing I can do today
41:40 – How to handle social media overwhelm & the answer to the question “can we not bother with social” and just focus on the website?
50:00 – The struggle of recording video clips
56:16 – mbCollective IG feed design review + how to deal with video content when designing IG feed grid
01:05:40 – IG Story with long-form video for specific content to use in Story Highlight
01:07:50 – What happens when you launch your website

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